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Bethany Pahl Rutter
Dec 04, 2017

Great service, beautiful work, and friendly faces!

Brad Entsmingee
Mar 14, 2017

I highly recommend Reed Arts. The professional job performed in framing my painting is very much appreciated. Thank you to the lady who helped me pick the right frame for this oval shaped canvas. I plan on using their service in the future.

Theresa Messenger
Dec 21, 2016

Reed Arts does great work. I would highly recommend them.

Miriam Litchfield
Dec 21, 2016

I don't live close to Reed Arts, but have discovered that they are so friendly and accommodating they will mail artwork to me. I really appreciate this about them. Whenever I talk to them on the phone, they are nothing but professional and helpful.

Elliott Keefer
Dec 16, 2016

I bought a customized poster for a Christmas present and promptly smudged it. I took it to Reed Arts who, free of charge, spent 20 minutes cleaning the smudges off for me and giving me thicker poster board so I could carry it home safely and flatten it out. The lady was so kind and did not ask for any payment! Their shop is very cool and I will certainly take posters/artwork there in the future to get custom framed. 5 stars for helping me out in a jam! Very kind people, excellent at what they do!

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